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Students who use mobile devices do better!

Mobile Learning Research

In a large-scale study of 1,000 schools, The Greaves Group found that in schools where every child was given a computing device, students significantly outperformed those from schools where every student did not have his or her own device.

- Mobile Learning: Not just laptops any more. -eSchool News, February 28, 2011



iPads for Personalized Instruction


Ipads are perfect for anywhere, anytime learning.



Study Buddy: For Learning Only


Study Buddy is a closed system with no Internet access.

Students can use only what is on software cartridges.

No web surfing, no distractions.

Mobile Learning Strategies

Self-Paced Study

Struggling learners need more time on task and repetition to build automaticity. They enjoy learning on their own!


Cooperative Learning

Students strengthen critical thinking skills and build confidence. This is a powerful student engagement activity.


Mentor Programs

Older children help younger children. Both benefit. Study Buddy has all the answers and solutions.


Parental Involvement

Many parents want to help, but donʼt know where to start. Study Buddy explains the concepts so parents and children can learn together.

Kids Love Tablets!

Take advantage of kidsʼ love of tablets! Keep them busy and engaged productively anywhere, anytime.

Tell them, “20 minutes on Brainchild, 20 minutes on your games!” Then reward them for the immediate progress that youʼll see.

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