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Study Buddy: The proven, high value performer.

“It tells me why I’m wrong and how to get it right!”



Simple and Powerful 

Study Buddies are a top seller. They are reliable and maintenance-free. No instruction is required.

When your child is working on Study Buddy, you know that he or she is studying, not playing.

Students learn at their own pace and become active learners.

Use the TEST mode to test your knowledge.

Use PLAY LESSON to play a multimedia lesson on each concept.

Use the STUDY mode to receive immediate feedback for every answer selection.

Review & Correct Mistakes helps students solve problems while they are fresh in their minds. This is critical for accelerated learning.

Proven Effective with ADD Learners Special Ed students make remarkable gains.

They are captivated when they combine the motor skill of pushing the buttons with seeing immediate responses.

“We used 60 Study Buddies for low-performing 8th grade math students, 9 weeks before our state test. Our pass rate increased by 36%!”
- Dr. Ray Allen, Atlantic City Schools



Study Buddy
(includes 1 cartridge)

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Software on Cartridges

Software cartridges have up to 25 lessons and 1,000 question items. Cartridge content matches the online subscription content.

“Students find Study Buddy to be engaging and easy to use. The first year evaluation showed statistically significant improvements in Math.”
- Sue Martin, 21st Century Learning Director, TX

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