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Proven by Higher State Test Scores

Since state tests began in1997, Brainchild software has helped students increase state scores through its formative assessment programs.

Brainchild software is a combination of assessment and instruction, combined in a process known as formative assessment. Each individual concept or standard is asessed with 10 questions. Where scores are low immediate instruction is offered.

This is individualized instruction that lets students learn at their own pace.


“Brainchild’s individualized instruction made the difference for us! We earned ‘Exemplary’ status based on our higher state test scores.”

- Principal, Barbara Jordan Elementary


Online Educational Curriculum
Math, Reading, Writing

$9.95 per month

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Proven by Readers’ Choice and Industry Awards



Case Studies demonstrate numerous cases of substancial improvement with a variety of student groups.


Case Studies


Industry reviews




“We Love Brainchild! It has catapulted us into the top scores in the state of Hawaii. Hands down, it is cheaper and does the same job as everything else that is more expensive. It has been such a pleasure working with you and your company.”
Hal & Michelle Takenishi, Kahala Elementary School
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