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Online Educational Curriculum
Math, Reading, Writing

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Brainchild Software is Special!

We are passionate about self-paced instruction that teaches students how to teach themselves. Our feedback is carefully constructed. It does not simply tell students the correct answers.  Instead, it shows the steps to solve each problem. When a correct answer is chosen, the complete solution is revealed.

Quality Question Items in Context Build Critical Thinking Skills

Avoid “drill and kill!”  Real life and state tests have questions in context. Brainchild software items provide context to relate mathematics to the real world.  Each question is in fact an interactive learning item with specific feedback written for each answer selection.  For math, students see steps. In vocabulary,  choosing an incorrect definition will result in learning the definition of the wrong word, doubling the teaching and learning power.  The question shown here is what many publishers regard as educational. It is practice, but not instruction.

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Testing and Quizzes Do Not Teach!

Remember doing homework and then waiting for days to learn your scores?  Brainchild gives immediate scores. We show students how to fix mistakes when the questions are fresh in their minds. Schools now spend lots of time testing but very few use the data to provide individualized instruction. Brainchild software tests but immediately teaches.

Accelerate learning with proper process and pedagogy.

Students quickly learn to spend time on weak areas and not waste time on strong areas. Pretests, multimedia instruction, practice with feedback, and post-tests for each concept result in rapid, dramatic increases in student achievement.

Student engagement transforms attitudes.

When students succeed they are eager to learn more.  Brainchild software supports transformations in student attitudes.

We all learn different things at different speeds. Technology is patient!

We all have different learning styles. Some things just make sense, while other concepts can be baffling. Technology provides patient, gentle, personalized tutoring.

Cartoons have their place, but…

Birds flying and dogs barking are great for engaging younger students. And they should use games as long as they enjoy them. Brainchild’s software is designed for “authentic engagement,” in which learning is deliberate and mastery of concepts is measured with reports.

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